About FlorenceGlam

From traditional to modern items, but always made-in-Tuscany.

FlorenceGlam proposes itself as a reference point for all fashion enthusiasts and experts looking for the most elegant, high-quality made-in-Tuscany products and the chance to use a friendly e-commerce platform that feels like a real shop. Also, an online community lets artisans network with fashion enthusiasts, in order to get visitors to come and live exciting, unforgettable experiences, such as guided tours led by locals and influencers, lunches and dinners in some excellent restaurants, and non-tourist routes. Visitors will have the opportunity to come and meet the artisans in their ateliers and discover their whole production chain.

We are currently enlarging the online network between artisans and producers, updating our online shop, and forging new partnerships that will pave the way for a real community.

The project was born out of a dream Benedetta and Michela Bordoni had. They are two Florentine sisters who have always been keen on the idea of beauty and have grown up among the numerous ateliers in Florence. They experienced the uniqueness of the Tuscan excellence, so they came up with the idea of using internet to let artisans enlarge their network. Thanks to their passionate research, the Bordoni sisters found all the artisans, products and incredibly fabulous venues they share on their website. The two FlorenceGlam founders always keep an eye on their territory, and they are currently working on a map of experiences that will be available on their website to let users go through it and get new ideas or discover the treasures of Tuscany.

FlorenceGlam’s catalogue is rich and various – it features beauty products, home décor items, textile products, fashion accessories, and much more.

<<We strongly believe luxurious, beautiful things made with love in Tuscany are a key to living better and taking home a little piece of one of the most amazing regions in the world.>> B. Bordoni

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