Busatti: passion, tradition, and authenticity.

Busatti: tradition and passion for a product of Tuscan excellence.

Busatti has a long history, beginning in the distant 1842, in the cellars of Palazzo Morgalanti in Anghiari, Tuscany. The first textile machines date back to the early nineteenth century following the French invasion when the Napoleonic troops produced uniforms destined for the Grande Armée. To dye them indigo blue they cultivated woad flowers, already known during the time of Piero Della Francesca, who used it for his frescoes. The steam-powered machines were made electric in the 1930s by Livio Busatti and the company took on its current model.

Today, Busatti is synonymous with quality and tradition, but also innovation, thanks to the constant search for new designs, colors, and shapes. It has produced excellent results for the needs of the furniture industry as well as household fabrics. The company works in many areas but specializes in tailor-made products. The production of tablecloths, curtains, towels of every shape and order of magnitude, can be embellished by exclusive embroidery or even personalized with a fabric of unique design chosen directly by the customer. 

Woven Busatti fabrics stem from the passion for their work, expressed proudly in the ancient laboratories of Anghiari. A family tradition for more than a hundred years, a very long journey that starts from the Grand Duchy of Tuscany, continuing until the unification of Italy and the two world wars. The long journey in Italian history makes Busatti a real historical enterprise, and it became a member of the Union of Historic Italian Companies (Unione Imprese Storiche Italiane), an association founded in Florence that welcomes only the Italian Excellencies of great tradition.

What does ”Made in Italy” mean for you?

The “Made in Italy” label is losing much of its value for a use/abuse that has been occurring. Busatti produces and finishes all the fabrics in Italy, therefore, with pride they can honestly write “Made in Italy” on their label. Unfortunately, the same recognition is also given to any other textile the company that buys fabric in Asia, for example, or that imports a semi-finished product and only implements a small percentage of the processing in Italy. That said, the product will be of lower quality but with an attractive price, which in our opinion damages those who, like us all, work in Italy. This mechanism is not easy to explain to the end customer who is often oriented to a lower price.

What is the value of Italian artistic craftsmanship? Is the secret of your success in the markets?

The positive feedback we encounter is due both to the classic lines always present in our collections and also to new fabrics that with innovative design and interesting colors attract attention and meet the needs of an international clientele. Most of our production is now aimed at foreign markets where our work and philosophy are very appreciated. We have not forgotten the love that our grandparents and great-grandparents plotted for us and is the result of generations of weavers and a long road traveled that must not be abandoned.

What inspired your work and your style?

We are fortunate to reside in Tuscany, a land kissed by culture and beauty. Our main inspiration is, therefore, our secular olive trees, the cypress trees that stand out towards the sky, the immortal works of Michelangelo and Piero Della Francesca, the alleys of our villages and the town squares rich in life and centuries of history. But we are also curious and for this reason, we like to travel to the most hidden places on the planet, at least once a year to broaden the views and savor different smells and flavors.

What is your business philosophy?

The seriousness towards the customer: thanks to our work and all those who collaborate with us we make and sell a product that we believe in. We do not have a secret other than everyday life that is carried on in time and becomes a tradition. Our fabrics are unique because they are created with passion and finished by expert hands that make each piece unique and special.

What is luxury and how does it express itself in your work?

Luxury as we understand it is what has value in itself and not only in showing it to others. To enrich your dwelling, whether it be a modern loft or the house in the country, with a tent, a tablecloth or a personalized piece means to make unique the environment around us. Luxury is in the time we devote to ourselves when we are with our loved ones in domestic intimacy.

Your MISSION in a word, or your slogan.

“Weavers in Tuscany since 1842” is the motto that we report everywhere.

What is your brand in Italy and in the world today?

We hope to represent the quality of the real “Made in Italy “in the field of furniture. We still weave everything in Italy in two factories, within a few kilometers from each other, and the finishing is all done on-site, in Sansepolcro (Ar). We believe in our product as well as in the territory and therefore we consider them inseparable. Rooted in our tradition, we are always ready to savor the new winds that the market suggests and open to new opportunities.

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