Chelini Firenze, style expressions

Chelini manufactures furnishing complements from 1892, handcrafted and manufactured, establishing themselves in the panorama of luxury Made in Italy. The company is founded by the Chelini family in Florence, which has always been the cradle of an invaluable heritage of art and beauty.

The close link with the artistic and antiques world has allowed the formation of excellent talents that, for generations, handed down their knowledge and the most authentic production techniques for the creation of collections that, starting from classic and eternal lines, They evolve stylistically to the most modern design. The production, managed with care in every phase, is entrusted according to the specifications of workmanship to skilled craftsmen of which Chelini has curated and developed the exceptional training competence.

What does it mean for you made in Italy? 

Company that thinks about the total look of the house and lives it through the use of all the senses. Common denominator of all these innovations is the collaboration with the Excellencies of Italian craftsmanship: factors, these, designed to safeguard territoriality and keep up the value of authentic Made in Italy.

What is the value of Italian artistic craftsmanship? What is the secret of your success in the markets?

Chelini looks with an eye particularly attentive to the materials to be selected and used, all rigorously first quality. In a path of continuous research takes space a skilful work that unites Italian Artigian art and technology together. This also happened in the foreign markets.

What inspired your work and your style?

The art and a long tradition of antiques that put us in touch with the world of flornetine crafts.

What is your business philosophy? Your “piece” strong?

The Chelini philosophy translates into a range of stylistic expressions that meet the demands of customers thanks to personalized and unique creations. A proposal that is not limited only to the single furnishing complement, but involves the design and realization of real total look for each space. A decorative furniture designed for luxurious environments with a decisive and unique stylistic imprint.

The artisan experimentation is the beating heart of the Chelini activity. Thus, starting from archival drawings or requests of the clients and from a careful woodworking, they find expression highly customised solutions also in the Boiserie sector. A singular product and classic motifs to offer the clientele new furnishing elements and spaces to the height of their expectations.

What is luxury and how does it express itself in your work? 

Chelini is dedicated not only to the single complement, but also to the design and realization of true total looks of the various spaces of the house. The result is a decorative furniture conceived and realized to be placed in luxurious environments with a decisive and unique stylistic imprint. Luxury in every corner of the house.

Your MISSION in a word, or your sloglan.

Chelini si dedica non solo al singolo complemento, ma anche alla progettazione e alla realizzazione di veri total look dei vari spazi della casa. Nasce così un decorative furniture pensato e realizzato per essere collocabile in ambienti di lusso dall’impronta stilistica decisa e univoca. Il lusso in ogni angolo di casa.

La vostra MISSION in una parola, o il vostro sloglan.

Chelini, publishers of Style.

What is your brand in Italy and the world today?

This year’s proposal also encloses the will of the Tuscan company, always solid in the interior design of furnishing styles, to open up to new collaborations with external designers with whom to contaminate and further enrich their own world. We will is open and evolve, keeping the style and the very high quality of the products recognizable.

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