Florenceglam, the culture for the beautiful

Luxury e-commerce

Tuscan handmade products celebrated with elegance from valuable items.

Florenceglam promotes the importance of uniqueness as a distinctive sign and gracefully celebrates it with the valuables of its selection. The platform is a real guide to the most exclusive shopping. A dip in the highest quality “Made in Italy”. With Florenceglam the web replaces the streets of the city and the country roads, for an authentic walk among Tuscan excellence.

It is an incubator of the “beautiful” that is typical of the city of Florence. Quality, authenticity, and exclusivity are an aptitude, expressing an authentic philosophy of life, not a gimmick of brand marketing. A piece of Tuscan and Florentine lifestyle available to those who love luxury and things made well, with a simple click.

Florenceglam is a showcase of the excellence of Tuscan craftsmanship. Its mission is to propose a selection of luxury products, rigorously handmade in Tuscany. All of Florenceglam’s proposals are the result of passionate research coming out of the ordinary, aiming to be exclusive.

It’s the perfect collection of objects destined for those who want to stand out.

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