Luxury as a Lifestyle

Interview with Gaetano Signoriello. 

Gaetano Signoriello di Casaltrinity, graduated in economics, began his career in the “world of Luxury” the 1996 as a Boutique Manager for Calderoni Gioielli, historical Milanese jewellery founded in 1840. In 1999 he joined the Cartier Boutique in Via Montenapoleone in Milan as a member of the Alta jewellery Pool. Later he collaborated directly with Gianni Bulgari (former President BVLGARI) for which he curated the launch of the renewed “GB Enigma” Store in Rome. He is currently director of the Boutique Croatto di Venezia, a subsidiary of the historic jewellery shop in Udine founded in 1901.

He has held courses and seminars in Marketing and “Luxury Selling” for companies, trade associations, universities and training institutions, as well as having managed a 5 star hotel: The wonderful hotel San Montano in Lacco Ameno D’ischia.

Fond of “Retail”, he loves the “beautiful done well” and is expert in watches, jewels and precious stones: He has traveled the whole process to become gemmologist.

He has in his blood the associationism and relationships, for friends turns into look maker and personal shopper.

With Sperling & Kupfer he published the book “Viamontenapoleone”, with presentation of the Cav. Mario Boselli (President of the National Chamber of Italian Fashion) and preface of the DOTT.SA Claudia Buccellati (President of the Association of Via Montenapoleone).

Venice, Rome, Milan, Florence: What is the tourist affluent looking for in these cities during his travels and where is he? (Handicraft and manufacture, places of art and culture, restaurants and exclusive hotels, etc.)

The tourist when he arrives in one of these wonderful cities, unique in the world, wants to make first of all the experience of our way of life, of our “Lifestyle”. He loves to observe, touch, possess our “beautiful done well” in all his multifarious possibilities. He loves our unmeasured creativity. Italy is absolutely the “homeland of Beauty”. The more I turn the world, the more proud I am of my country, of our history, of the potentialities that all envy us. One day, I am sure, the whole world will visit Italy as a museum of beauty in the open air and can do nothing but get excited. We just have to defend what we have!

Can you tell us an interesting episode capitatole during the management of the five-star hotel? One instead related to the scope of luxury jewellery?

Managing a 5-star hotel was certainly the most exciting experience I’ve ever had, both professionally and personally. Compared to the management of a boutique is certainly a more complete activity. But in the center there is and must always be the “person”: This is what has always fascinated me. The customer, the collaborator, the supplier, the neighbor, the simple visitor, etc. For me it is first of all a “person” who deserves attention. I love to meet, observe, listen to people: their desires, their dreams and maybe help to realize them. When I do, believe me, it’s a great satisfaction. If you put the person in the middle, you understand that the only thing we all have in common is that we are different from each other. In the high range the marketing is very useful. We need dedication, passion, professionalism, attention to detail and people! But even being creative helps! More than giving, I have received so much in my work. I still remember many of those I have met, everyone has taught me something, for better or for worse, helping me to be what I have become or that I will become in the future.

I have also met many “great” of every sector and every nationality, but what I have discovered is that everyone, even in its diversity is similar to each other: it has its fears, its fears, its passions, its faults and its desires. Sometimes wealth cannot achieve all dreams and desires, not even those who seem to be able to afford everything. I remember the case of a rockstar, loved all over the world, who was moved during the purchase of a gift for his dear mother and a client who could afford all the clocks of the world in one shot, but chose one every three months , thus preserving the emotion that lived on every purchase. In my experience at the hotel, I remember those who loved to consider our hotel as ‘ home ‘ and how each house celebrated the happiest moments of the family. At this moment I live in Venice and I love to consider as “home” the Hotel Aman, where in an incomparable and noble setting there is an impeccable service, courteous and attentive.

In his Book of Tales “Via Montenapoleone. Passing Stories “There is a glimpse of the fashion quadrilateral between encounters of intriguing characters set in the unreachable world of luxury, fashion and jewellery. Are characters actually met who gave her inspiration? 

My book is a figment of fantasy, all the characters are invented. I wanted to describe the life and atmosphere that is breathed in the “quadrilateral of fashion” in Milan. I didn’t care about faces and names. I think gossip is vulgar, because it doesn’t tell anything new. Also if there is one thing that I have learned well in my work is that confidentiality is the most beautiful jewel that a customer desires. I’m more curious about the implications behind wealth and notoriety. The fortune of those who do a job as mine is to come into contact with people who, knowing they are safe, abandon the mask they have to bring in public and let go as if they were at home.

The Jewel and the accessory (clock, pen, etc.) made in Italy: what characteristics must possess to be appreciated by the Italian customer? Which from the foreign customer?

The Italian customer is very demanding. He’s a client who already knows what he wants. He has his own style, documents, reads, observes, asks for information, loves quality, appreciates craftsmanship, service, exclusivity and creativity. Sometimes only after it takes into account the Brand. The stranger often starts from the latter.

How can you turn a purchase into an exclusive lifestyle experience?

For the international and mature customer the experience of the “beautiful done well” or “service to the rule of art” is something more interior, a satisfaction that goes beyond the simple possession of a good. Also take only a coffee in absolute solitude in wonderful facilities such as the Hotel Aman in Venice, the Four Season and Manzoni in Milan, the Hassler in Rome is something that excitesme every time. So to answer his question a good is not only its concreteness, but it is also what transmits, its history, its craftsmanship, the creativity of those who conceived it, the kindness and professionalism of those who sold it. The effect “WOW!” that will remain indelibly engraved in the mind of the customer and that he’ll return over and over again because he lived a personal experience, exclusive, excellent, unrepeatable, personalized, “Exquisite”!

What is your favorite object (or more than one) from catalog and why?

I very much appreciate the site “” and I recommend it not only for the simplicity that underlies its elegance, but also because it also highlights the Tuscan “Made in Italy” and the internationality of this Tuscan! In particular I love the experience of the gold food, which I was absolutely new.

Can you give us your personal definition of ‘ luxury ‘

Many brands don’t like to make use of them. Even Chanel and Hermès don’t like to consider themselves “luxury brands”. I also replace it with other words: I prefer to talk about creativity, craftsmanship, exclusivity, quality. Chanel always said, “Luxury is not the opposite of poverty, but the opposite of vulgarity.” In other words, and much more modestly, for me it is simply to have taste for the beautiful!

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