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Leather and silver clutch bag


Clutch is a unique handmade pochette with an exclusive silver latch. Its comfortable small size makes it perfect for a night out or a cocktail. Clutch is available in 12 different colours for every taste.

Pampaloni is a world famous historic brand based in Florence producing silverware. Clutch is part of a special collection inspired by the «Sacco di Roma». All bags from this collection feature a mix of classic elegance and modern design, which gives life to real works of art you can always take with you.

All products by Pampaloni are entirely made in Italy by master craftsmen, in the historic Florentine headquarters.

Pampaloni was created in 1902 in Florence, and it is known around world for its exclusive design silver creations. Pampaloni is a symbol of growing artistic creativity, thanks to its ability to give a new life to classic silverware, handbags and other accessories, in a surprisingly elegant way.

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Technical Specifications

Material Bag: Calf skin
Closure: Silver
Interior: Black calf skin (100% calf)
Finishes: Palladium plated silver and brass
Dimensions (HXL): 18x33cm

Made in Italy

Ready to ship

Additional information


Black, Brown, Green, Orange, Red, Violet, White, Yellow

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