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Whitening effect set


The whitening effect serum is formulated to give an extraordinary support in the prevention and correction of pigmentary disorders and discromics, to obtain impeccable uniformity and brightness of the complexion and to protect the epidermis from stress Oxidative. It contrasts the signs of aging and early photo-ageing, fatigue, stress, acting on cellular renewal and fundamental metabolic processes. In This package is together with the anti-age cream with vitamin C that will giving you a radiant skin, young and healthy.

In 1561, the apothecary Domenico di Vincenzo was the first manager of the pharmacy “SS. Annunziata”.
Farmacia SS. Annunziata 1561 has always had since then, in addition to the normal prestige of every pharmacy of the time, a particular tradition in the formulation of galenic and products for the hygiene and aesthetics of the skin. From the ancient workings, handmade with spatulas and pestles, is passed and specially qualified preparations, carried out with modern and safe machinery, careful quality control, in-depth study of formulas based on traditional and new materials First ever changing. The pharmacy continues to create its products following the ancient traditions, but always renews its formulas according to the most modern laboratory researches, thus maintaining always high standards of excellence.



Whitening effect Serum 30ml: Formulated to provide outstanding support in preventing and correcting pigment disorders and discolouration, for an impeccably smooth and radiant complexion. Its antioxidant qualities act to scavenge reactive oxygen species, protecting the epidermis from oxidative stress and damage. It protects against UV solar radiation, which is not then absorbed. This reduces photo-induced damage, including the oxidation of keratin in the stratum corneum and the resultant browning and irregular production of UV-induced melanin. A radiance activator that enhances the natural ability to reflect light, it sublimates the skin with an immediate revitalising effect and renewed splendour. It brings a surplus of energy that counteracts the signs of ageing, premature photo-ageing, fatigue and stress, by acting on cell renewal and the fundamental metabolic processes.

Cream with Vitamin C 75ml: A cream with a double action: highly antiradicalic and efficiently anti-ageing.It neutralizes with a unique and extraordinary efficiency the damaging action of free radicals. It improves the quantity and quality of collagen fibers by strengthening the skin “supporting network” with an evident tone restoration, elasticity and compactness. It provides skin a renewed radiance by minimizing possible modifications of its color through the activity of Vitamin C which is able to contrast efficiently with processing leading to the formation of blotches. It reduces possible skin redness and irritations thanks to the anti-inflammatory properties carried out by some of its active principles as well as it ensures the skin a proper and constant hydration.

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