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vaso in vetro soffiato con tralcio di vite prodotto da IVV
vaso in vetro soffiato con tralcio di vite prodotto da IVV

Amber Vase “Sedimenti”



The vases in this collection of IVV are unique pieces, works of art that furnish your house with elegance and poetry.

Powder that is made liquid by the energy of the fire. It is then the breath of the man with the embrace of the wood to give shape and soul.

“Sediment” is a limited series of vases, realized thanks to the sensibility of the master glassmaker blowing the glass mass at high temperature directly on branches of Vine coming from the Tuscan countryside, which become part of the composition. The resulting object is therefore a unique and unrepeatable piece that owes its singularity to the Vine branch and the experience of the craftsman blowing the glass.

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Mouth-blown glass vase made of screw branches. 

Variable sizes and shapes. Every discrepancy is indicative of uniqueness, each piece is handmade.
From 35x40x h35 cm to 45x50x h50 cm.
Origin: Made in Italy by IVV

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