Opere d'arte uniche, raffinate e rigorosamente Made in Italy
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Cavaliere Table Runner


This tablecloth is made with the historic women’s fabric of cups, of which the origin is lost in the ancient history of the company and that has had such a vast use to be used as a curtain in the most famous theatres of Italy.

Its particular shape is defined as “Knight ” or “Runner “, its use by origin a two-piece equipment that leaves discovery part of the table. The beauty of the rider is all in its use: You can have knights of the same fabric but in different colors alternating, vary the finishes and types so as to create equipment always cool and style. It is ideal for important or valuable tables which is a pity to cover completely with a tablecloth, for counters or design furniture. Furnishing with the runners gives more space to ideas and creativity and allows you to furnish with fresh elegance.

The Busatti tradition starts already in 1842, since then the family has been handed down the tradition and the care for the details, always producers of fabrics of luxury and high quality.

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Technical Specifications

Materials: 60% linen, 40% cotton.
Processing: Jacquard.
Finish: Hem per day.
Size: 50x140cm.
Origin: Made in Italy

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