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Woman Bust Classic Sculpture


Carved wooden sculpture depicting a female bust of classical inspiration, handmade by Florentine sculptors.

This wooden sculpture, is a real work of art, made of wood carved by hand with ancient techniques, handed down in the Florentine workshops from the time of Michelangelo until today.

A sculpture depicting a sweet bust of a woman of Roman inspiration, a classic and eternal figure, that will give a touch of class to your furniture, even contemporary, enhancing its style.

The creations are all handmade to order, exclusively for the purchaser, by Florentine craftsmen and have production times of 60 days.

Chelini Firenze is a historical producer of furniture, sofas, lamps and furnishing items of high quality luxury crafts, with many inspirations, from the classical and eternal soul, the result of a stylistic growth and a history of over a hundred years.

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Collection: Chelini Firenze.
Materials: Carved wood.
Measurements (Ø x h): cm 19 Ø x 43 h.
Production time: 60 working days.
Origin: Handmade in Florence, Tuscany, Italy.