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Marble Tray King Bacchus, Silver


Trays by Re Bacco are the result of the collaboration with the classical Florentine producer Savio Firmino, whose works are world famous. These trays feature a white Carrara marble top, hand-carved handles, and a Silver leaf finish.

The design of these trays was inspired by the refined and classy Baroque style.

All trays are intended for customized orders only. They are unique pieces, thus potential slight differences guarantee the uniqueness of the product. Processing times may take from 19 up to 26 days.

The production of marble components and logistics and packaging management are entrusted to Apuana Corporate, the informal network of companies based in the city of Carrara. Apuana Corporate is a community of local producers and global consumers who share the same principles of mindful consumption and clarity between all members. This community includes small handicraft companies, designers, researchers and artists.

Savio Firmino Company was founded in 1941 by Savio Firmino as a small artisan workshop in the heart of Florence city centre. After the early works (chandeliers and candle holders) the company extended its production to carved wooden mirrors decorated with gold leaves and hardstones. Today, furniture and furnishing accessories by Savio Firmino are particularly appreciated for their classical Italian design.

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Technical Specifications

Main material: white Carrara marble with a glossy finish. Water repellent for greater resistance to stains.
Dimensions: 35w x 1d x 21.5cmh.

Other materials: hand-crafted wooden handles with baroque motif and a silver leaf finish.
Packed individually in 50w x 7d x 28cmh box. Weight: 2.6 Kg.

Designer: Savio Firmino
Craftsmen and Producers: Franchini & C. SRL, Vatteroni Emanuele (marble), Mauro Morelli Marmi di Claudio Morelli, M&G Stone srl.
Crafted in Italy.

The products by Apuana Corporate feature a tracking number, thanks to a system based on blockchain technology. That enables AC to guarantee the customer a genuine production and unequivocally Made-in-Italy products. The system is called Tracking Apuana  ̶  it features a NFC function and a QR code that can be scanned by any recent smartphone and that is connected directly with the Ethereum blockchain, where delivery notes are recorded and geolocation is detected, in order to demonstrate the origin of the product.

Additional information

Weight 2.6 kg
Dimensions 50 × 28 × 7 cm

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