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Biglie Hive


This set of glasses is handmade by master glassmakers, each glass is unique and at the same time part of a large collection, marbles.

Blown Glass is an ancient art, the artisans of IVV have managed to combine this craft of other times with a modern and recognizable design. Thanks to their rounded shape they are perfect for tasting liqueurs, but their beauty and simplicity make them suitable for every occasion.

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Set 6 Glasses collection “Marbles ”

Design: Hive, IVV’s marbles collection.

Honey: Color

Diameter: 9.5 cm.

Heights: 9.5 cm.

Capacity: 40 cl.

Made of precious glass blown by master glassmakers, each piece is unique. The details of this set of glasses are the same as the elegant vases of the same collection, marbles. Great for tasting liquor and perfect for every table.

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