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Il piccolo Trinciante


The Piccolo Trinciante cutting knives set is an exclusive box by Coltellerie Berti with seven steel handmade knives for serving your specialties. The box includes seven different stainless steel knives: a knife for ham and bread, a chef’s knife, a carving knife, a fork set for roasts, a straight paring knife, and a sharpening steel (measures described below). Available handles are made of ox horn, ebony or white plastic. These knives shall be washed by hand and dried off immediately. The seven forged kitchen knives are contained in a beautiful box that makes it perfect for an exclusive gift for an enthusiast wannabe chef. Piccolo Trinciante set is part of the In Cucina Forgiati collection by Coltellerie Berti, which is located in Scarperia (Tuscany).

Every single knife by Berti is entirely crafted by master artisans and initialed by its producer. Since 1895, this has been the distinguishing feature of Berti’s artisans who have always respected an old authentic tradition of high-quality Italian cutlery. Their headquarter is Scarperia, the world famous Knife District.

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Il piccolo Trinciante box contains a set of 7 knives for serving, part of In Cucina Forgiati (Kitchen Forged) collection, made by Coltellerie Berti. These knives are the perfect synthesis of functionality, style and high craftsmanship made of premium stainless-and-carbon steel sharpened by hand using methods that an age-old tradition has forged.

The box contains 7 different knives, in forged Stainless steel X50CrMoV15 with handle available in ox horn, ebony or white lucite:

  1. Ham/Prosciutto slicer overall cm. 39,4 blade cm. 26,3 handle cm. 13,1
  2. Bread knife overall cm. 35,2 blade cm. 22,3 handle cm. 13,1
  3. Sharpening steel overall cm. 32,9 blade cm. 20,1 handle cm. 12,8
  4. Chef’s knife overall cm. 33,1 blade cm. 19,8 handle cm. 13,1
  5. Carving knife overall cm. 35,5 blade cm. 22,4 handle cm. 13,1
  6. Carving fork overall cm. 29,2 tines cm. 15,4 handle cm. 13,8
  7. Straight paring knife overall cm. 21,6 blade cm. 11,1 handle cm. 10,8

At Coltellerie Berti, each knife is made by the hands of one craftsman only, the same person.  The person who starts a knife, finishes and signs it with his initials. This is the essence of the Craftsmanship Method of the Italian Berti Family, which since 1895 has been  keeping up the true joy of owning a knife made by hand  following the most authentic Tuscan tradition (Scarperia district).

Technical Features of Coltellerie Berti knives:

  1. They may be forged (plastic processing under heat) or laser cut (cold cutting of the blade) but the blades are always a single piece
  2. The steel used is made in Germany (X50CrMoV15 by Krupp) and has a high carbon content, conferring a high cutting capacity and duration. The steel used to make high quality knives is not 100 % stainless, since perfect stainlessness diminishes cutting capacity. This is stainless steel which can be washed, even in a washing machine,  but it can be stained. The best way to keep them perfect is washing by hand followed by immediate drying.
  3. Tempering involves both heating at 1055 °C and super-cooling at -80 ° C to ensure that the cutting capacity lasts the longest possible time.
  4. Handles are made of natural materials – horn or boxwood – or else of plastic. Plastic materials however are hand processed from a slab and not moulded.
  5. Our models refer to traditional types of Italian knives enriched with models having a new design, developed by Coltellerie Berti. Our Insieme group (magnetically united) is a Coltellerie Berti patent.

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Ebony, Ox horn, White Lucite (Plastic)