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Il Trinciante set of 14 stainless steel knives
Il Trinciante set of 14 stainless steel knives

“Il Trinciante completo” Coltellerie Berti


The Trinciante Completo complete cutting knives set is an exclusive box with fourteen indispensable knives for preparing and serving your specialties. The blades are forged by using an ancient instrument that ensures high quality. These blades have a satin finish which makes them elegant.

The casket includes fourteen stainless steel X50CrMoV15 knives, with ebony, ox horn or white plastic handles.

The knives are contained in a wooden casket that makes it perfect for an exclusive gift for an enthusiast wannabe chef. Trinciante Completo is part of the Forgiati collection by Coltellerie Berti, which is located in the world famous Scarperia town, in the heart of Tuscany, where it produces handmade knives.

Every single knife by Berti is entirely crafted by master artisans and initialed by its producer. Since 1895, this has been the distinguishing feature of Berti’s artisans who have always respected an old authentic tradition of high-quality Italian cutlery. Their headquarter is Scarperia, the world famous Knife District.

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Technical Specifications

  • Ham knife: 39.4 cm-blade 26.3 cm-Handle 13.1 cm.  With a flexible and long blade, indispensable for cutting the ham by hand, the sliced meats, roast beef, ideal for obtaining thin slices.
  • Bread knife: 35.2 cm-blade 22.3 cm-handle 13.1 cm. The only knife in the set with the serrated blade. can also be used for dry cakes such as tarts.
  • Boning knife: 29.3 cm-blade 16.1 cm-handle 13, 3cm. With sharp and rigid blade, it is used to clean the meat from non-edible elements.
  • Knife Cutter: 33, 1cm-blade 19, 8cm-Handle 13.1 cm. Slightly smaller than the one to be bonded, destined for the table service.
  • Fish knife: 33, 4cm-Blade 20, 4cm-handle 13.2 cm. A flexible and sharp blade destined to the cutting and preparation of the fish avoiding to break its delicate fibre.
  • Pesto knife: 30.4 cm-blade 16, 9cm-Handle 13.1 cm. With its large and curved blade is best substitute of the crescent, to finely chop the vegetables.
  • Vegetable Cutter Knife: 28.4 cm-blade 15.3 cm-Handle 13.1 cm. Smaller than the one to bone, but with the same efficiency, for small-cut meats and vegetables.
  • Curved knife: 18.2 cm-blade 7.4 cm-handle 10.8 cm. For peeling, cleaning, engraving and scraping in particular fruits and vegetables.
  • Chef’s cutter knife: 38.3 cm-blade 24.9 cm-handle 13.1 cm. A large blade, suitable for the cutting of all meats, but also of cheeses and vegetables.
  • Tomato knife: 22.7 cm-blade 11.8 cm-handle 10.8 cm. A knife with denting, one of the few exceptions in the kitchen, suitable to affect the skin of the tomatoes without ruining the blade straight with the acidity of the juices.
  • Sharpener: 32.9 cm-blade 20.1 cm-handle 12.8 cm. To always keep your knives sharp.
  • Roast knife: 35.5 cm-blade 22.4 cm-handle 13.1 cm. Intended for cutting at the meat table.
  • Fork: 29.2 cm-prongs 15.4 cm-Handle 13.8 cm. To retain what we are slicing, to put a precise and fast cut.
  • Straight knife: 21.6 cm-blade 11.1 cm-handle 10.8 cm. Suitable for a thousand uses is the jolly of the kitchen, with smooth blade and centered tip ideal for small cuts of meat and vegetables, perfect for peeling and peeling.

Technical specifications of all Berti knives:

  1. They can be forged (hot plastic processing) or laser cut (cold blade cutting), but the blades are always obtained from one piece.
  2. The steel used is of German production (X50CrMoV15 of Krupp) characterized by high carbon content to confer high cutting capacity and duration of sharpening. The steel with which high quality knives are made is not 100% stainless, to guarantee a better cutting capacity. For their maintenance it is advisable to wash them by hand and to dry them immediately after washing.
  3. In addition to the heating up to 1055 °c, the hardening also provides for the under-cooling at-80 ° C to guarantee the maximum duration of sharpening and cutting efficiency.
  4. The handles are made of natural materials such as horn and Boxwood, or in selected plastic material. However, they are all hand-crafted from slab and not printed.

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Ebony, Ox horn, White Lucite (Plastic)

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