Opere d'arte uniche, raffinate e rigorosamente Made in Italy
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Set Kitchen Towel Canaiola


Set consisting of four cotton tea towels with fine jacquard workmanship, available in red, grape marc, rope and olive green.

The Canaiola collection is inspired by a very popular grape variety in central Italy. A basic vine of Chianti, mostly used to give this wine its characteristic soft gradient. The same gradient taken in the cloth, which in addition to portraying the vine shoots of this noble vine, transposing the essential characteristics of delicacy and measure.

To keep the colors alive in time All Busatti fabrics are dyed in thread and not in pieces, thus allowing the colour to remain unchanged over time.

The Busatti tradition starts already in 1842, since then the family has been handed down the tradition and the care for the details, always producers of fabrics of luxury and high quality.

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Technical Specifications

Materials: 100% cotton.
Processing: Jacquard.
Finishing: Simple machine.
Size: 58×70 cm.
Origin: Made in Italy