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Cheese knives with Boxwood handles that are part of the Berti Cheese Knives Set
Cheese knives with Boxwood handles that are part of the Berti Cheese Knives Set

Berti Italian cheese knives set


Questo prezioso set di 7 coltelli da formaggio con manico in bosso permette di tagliare perfettamente ogni tipo di formaggio della tradizione italiana,  ogni consistenza e ogni forma ha la sua lama dedicata.

Il set fa parte della collezione “Grandi Passioni” realizzata da Coltellerie Berti. Un taglio perfetto è un prerequisito indispensabile per apprezzare i cibi nella loro completezza. In particolare i formaggi, il cui sapore differisce a seconda della zona della forma da cui è stato tagliato o dalla tipo di taglio con cui è servito. I coltelli di Coltellerie Berti sono strumenti specifici forgiati in funzione della consistenza dei formaggi, freschi o stagionati, di tutte le dimensioni e forme. Questo set consente di tagliare oltre 450 tipi diversi di formaggio nel modo migliore per assaporarne tutte le sfumature.

This precious set of 7 cheese knives with handle in boxwood allows to cut perfectly every type of cheese of the Italian tradition, every consistency and every shape has its dedicated blade.

The set is part of the collection “Great passions ” realized by knife Berti. A perfect cut is an indispensable prerequisite for appreciating the food in their entirety. In particular the cheeses, whose flavour differs depending on the area of the shape from which it was cut or the type of cut with which it is served. Berti cutlery knives are specific instruments forged according to the consistency of cheeses, fresh or seasoned, of all sizes and shapes. This set allows you to cut over 450 different types of cheese in the best way to savor all the nuances.

The exclusive wooden package contains a guide to cut Italian cheeses, a perfect presentation for a gourmet gift.

At Berti’s cutlery, each knife is produced by the hands of a single craftsman from the beginning to the end, each knife is signed with the initials of the master craftsman who produced it. This is the essence of the Berti family’s artisan method from 1895 in the furrow of the most authentic tradition that allows to possess an object of high handicraft entirely handmade in Italy, in Scarperia, in the world famous Knife district.

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This Berti set contains 7 knives, all made in Stainless steel X50CrMoV15 with Boxwood handle:

  • Compact knife overall cm. 18,4 blade cm. 8,6 handle cm. 9,8
  • Hard-cheese knife overall cm. 39,2 blade cm. 26,3 handle cm. 12,9
  • Soft cheese knife overall cm. 30,4 blade cm. 18,1 handle cm. 12,3
  • Semi hard-cheese knife overall cm. 38,9 blade cm. 26,2 handle cm. 12,7
  • Trapezium knife overall cm. 22,8 blade cm. 13,3 handle cm. 9,5
  • Spatula knife overall cm. 21,9 blade cm. 12,4 – handle cm. 9,5
  • Bow knife cm. 27,7

Materials: Boxwood and stainless steel X50CrMoV15

Maintenance: Hand wash and dry immediately

Packaging: Fir Wood.

Origin: Handmade in Italy, in Scarperia (Tuscany).

Technical specifications of all Berti knives:

  1. They can be forged (hot plastic processing) or laser cut (cold blade cutting), but the blades are always obtained from one piece.
  2. The steel used is of German production (X50CrMoV15 of Krupp) characterized by high carbon content to confer high cutting capacity and duration of sharpening. The steel with which high quality knives are made is not 100% stainless, to guarantee a better cutting capacity. For their maintenance it is advisable to wash them by hand and to dry them immediately after washing.
  3. In addition to the heating up to 1055 °c, the hardening also provides for the under-cooling at-80 ° C to guarantee the maximum duration of the sharpening and cutting efficiency.
  4. The handles are made of natural materials such as horn and Boxwood, or in selected plastic material. However, they are all hand-crafted from slab and not printed.

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