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Limoncello – Placemat


American table mat in precious cotton with jacquard work, whose embroidery is a tribute to the lemon, an ancient fruit, already depicted in the frescoes of Pompeii.

The bright yellow color, the peel rough to the touch combined with the sour and sincere taste make it unique and coveted both as an ornamental plant and as edible cultivation.  From the thousand uses and the many virtues this radiant fruit takes us along the Italian coasts, between Capri, Amalfi and Sorrento. This fabric is a tribute to this wonderful fruit, so dear to our territory.

To keep the colors alive in time All Busatti fabrics are dyed in thread and not in pieces, thus allowing the colour to remain unchanged over time.

The Busatti tradition starts already in 1842, since then the family has been handed down the tradition and the care for the details, always producers of fabrics of luxury and high quality.

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Technical Specifications

Size: 40×50 cm
Material: 100% Cotton
Design: Jacquard
Finishing: Simple Machine
Origin: Handmade in Italy
Manufacturer: Busatti

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