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Olivo Selvatico cotton tablecloth


This is a precious cotton tablecloth with jacquard details.

Olivo Selvatico is a tribute to the Italian wild olive tree, which is a protected plant.

Olive oil is a nuance of golden green, that becomes increasingly yellow over the time. Olivo Selvatico’s pattern features olive leaves and precious fruits. The word selvatico (“wild”) has to do with the refinement of the olive tree and the spontaneity of the Tuscan hills, as well as the spicy taste of the Tuscan oil.

The result is a resistant design fabric intended for use as an everyday tool.

Busatti’s tradition was established in 1842. Since then, this family of high-quality luxury producers has been following in this tradition and the care for details.

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Technical Specifications

Materials: 100% cotton.
Processing: Jacquard.
Finishing: Simple machine.
Size: 170×250 cm.
Origin: Made in Italy

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