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Tablecloth Limoncello


This precious cotton and jacquard tablecloth is a tribute to the lemon, which is an ancient fruit depicted in frescoes in Pompei.

The bright yellow colour, the rough peel and the sour genuine taste make it a unique and coveted plant to be used both as an ornamental and edible plant. Not only has this fruit a thousand uses and virtues, but it will also take you along the Italian coasts of Capri, Amalfi and Sorrento. This fabric is a tribute to this wonderful beloved fruit.

The particular solidity of yarn dyeing (instead of piece dyeing) allows all Busatti’s fabrics to keep their colour brilliant and unchanged over time.

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Technical Specifications

Materials: 100% cotton.
Processing: Jacquard.
Finishing: Simple machine.
Size: 170×250 cm.
Origin: Made in Italy

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