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Donna di Coppe set of 3 linen e cotton towels


This set consists of three towels made of the historic Donna di Coppe fabric. The origins of this fabric are lost in the mists of time but it was largely used as a curtain in the most famous theatres in Italy.

The particular solidity of yarn dyeing allows all Busatti’s fabrics to keep their colour brilliant. Particularly, a jacquard loom was employed to improve the quality of the linen and cotton yarn.

This three-towel set is also available in antique pink, ecru and azure.

Busatti’s tradition was established in 1842. Since then, this family of high-quality luxury producers has been following in this tradition and the care for details.

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Technical Specifications

Materials: 60% linen, 40% cotton.
Processing: Jacquard.
Finish: Hem per day.
Dimensions: 40×70 cm.
Origin: Made in Italy

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