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Matrioska Pendant in yellow gold


The Matrioska pendant is made of 0.12 kt yellow gold and hand enamed with bright colours. The pendant opens and inside there is a swinging little heart on which one or two initials can be engraved. Inside the digital boutique of Florence Glam There are two other variants of the Matrioska pendant.

The Matrioska collection draws inspiration from the Russian tradition and its characteristic objects, revisiting its meaning and use, for a romantic and fresh design. The jewels of this collection are ideal for those who like to give an amazing touch to her outfit.

The Alisi creations are handcrafted and crafted with mastery and refinement. The precious born from the passion of two artists and jewellery that blends in unique collections both for design and methods of realization. The Jewels Alisi, the result of a great goldsmith mastery, are all personalized creations, unique items to wear every day or on important occasions.
All the Alisi collections are distinguished by authenticity, creativity and style.

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Technical Specifications

Material: yellow gold 0.12 kt
Details: Hand enamed, rows in bright white.
Size: Height 25mm
Origin: Made in Italy by Alisi

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