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Pierced boulle pendent


The pendant Boulle is a handmade jewel made by goldsmiths, a light perforated sphere depicting the moon and finely detailed stars.

The brightness of the sky enclosed in a pendant to always carry with it.

TThe Alisi creations are handcrafted and crafted with mastery and refinement. The precious born from the passion of two artists and jewellery that blends in unique collections both for design and methods of realization. The Jewels Alisi, the result of a great goldsmith mastery, are all personalized creations, unique items to wear every day or on important occasions.
All the Alisi collections are distinguished by authenticity, creativity and style.

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Technical Specifications

Material: Rose gold
Details: Brilliants Ct. 1.02
Dimensions: Height 30mm
Origin: Made in Italy by Alisi