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Special Wine for Laura


For the choice of the name of the wines of our new line “Rewine – Natural Viniculture”, we tried the etymologies of the words related to biodynamic cultivation. The use of Greek terminology is linked to the desire to create a reference, an association of thought to the bucolic, the rural, to something akin to the past and to traditions. We were inspired by a number of concepts related to agriculture, to growth and biodynamics, such as FERTILE, because our aim is to make the fertile land by cultivating it, or ENERGY, because biodynamic farming is linked to vital energy and to lunar influences. ERGON means “project”, “made”, “action” and comes from “energeia” (force in action), “energês” (effective, active), “energòs” (in place of working). This wine has a straw yellow color with greenish hues, a distinctive aroma, and has a full-bodied flavour, sapid and persistent.



Harvest year: 2015
Zone of production: Matelica (MC), loc. Pagliano
Exposure and altitude: south, south-west, 350/400, m.s.l.
Soil typology: clay – calcareous
Grape variety: verdicchio 100%
Growing methods: vertical trellis
Vineyard conduction: organic farming
Vineyard implantation year: 1999
Grape yield per hectare: 90/100 ql/ha
Time of harvest: end of September
Fermentation: only using indigenous yeasts, in stainless steel tanks
Ageing: 6 months in stainless steel tanks, 2 months in bottle
Bottles produced: 6,600 in 0.75 lt bottles
Colour: yellow with greenish hues
Aroma: characteristic
Flavour: sapid and persistent
Serving temperature: 10/12°C

Additional information

Weight 9 kg
Dimensions 23.5 × 16.8 × 31.5 cm

Product shipped within 3-5 working days from the moment the order is placed.