Handmade knives by master craftsmen in Italy and made with precious raw materials


each knife is entirely made from the hands of a single craftsman who initials it with his initials to make orGNI piece unique and unrepeatable. This is the essence of the Berti family's artisan method from 1895 in the furrow of the most authentic tradition that allows to possess an object of high handicraft entirely handmade in Italy, in Scarperia, in the district of the knife located in the heart of Tuscany is famous all over the world.

Set of 14 steel knives

“Il Trinciante completo” 14 Kitchen Forged Knives


Set of iron knives in Boxwood

Berti Italian cheese knives set


Coltellerie Berti

Berti Symposium Carving Set Knife and Fork


Coltellerie Berti

Kitchen Knives Set Gualtiero Marchesi