The IVV master glassmakers

From artisans to artists, just a breath. 

IVV – Industria Vetraria Valdarnese – was founded by a group of master glassmakers in 1952, in San Giovanni Valdarno, in the heart of Tuscany. Over the years, the company has established itself among the European protagonists of the production of blown glass and handmade. Combining research on matter, design, techniques of traditional craftsmanship and control of processes, it has distinguished itself for having given life to objects that constantly reinterpret and renew the space and the table.

What does it mean for you made in Italy?

The Made in Italy for IVV is a productive philosophy, the symbol of italianity in the world. It consists of an organic process in which the initial phase, to conceive a product and the final one, to produce it, are closely linked and derive the lifeblood of the territory in which they occur. The fruit of all this are our creations. Our land is known for its style and its know-how. From artisans to artists, from merchants to industrialists, from art to design. Ours is a tradition rooted in the history of art and science, and is born from the love of beauty. Only if you have culture and traditions can you give life to an eternal beauty.

What is the value of Italian artistic craftsmanship? 

The craftsman’s work has always been one of the hallmarks of Italian culture, constitutes an element of recognition of our country in the world and is synonymous with quality. We are talking about a tradition in continuous renewal, which treats details, design and functionality. The Italian artistic handicraft guarantees the use of selected raw materials, the respect of the environmental safety standards and has a strong professional ethics.

What inspired your work and your style?

The constant will to propose objects created for the use and not for the pure contemplation, objects for our daily life. An accessible, identifying and distinctive luxury.

What is your business philosophy? 

The determination to work with a “timeless” material, pure and natural, and to hand down the love of crafts traditions to the new generations.

What is luxury and how does it express itself in your work?

The surrounding of objects that are expressions of “beautiful” and that, as such, can enrich, soothe, inspire the daily lives of those who live. The objects we create want to be an expression of an “affordable luxury”, tied not only to the material value of the object, but to the intrinsic value that caused its birth.

Your MISSION in a word, or your slogan.

Anticipating trends in contemporary living […] and designing simplicity, understood as immediately understandable and identifying products.

What is your brand in Italy and the world today? 

Tradition projected in contemporaneity, the artisan tradition translated into industrial dimension. It ‘ an adventure started in 1952 and that for sixty years has indelibly marked the history of design with iconic products and anticipatory of fashions and trends. The IVV brand is the largest handmade blown glass company in Italy and also one of the longest-lived ones.

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